Remove diseased, dead, or broken branches. Prune to shape young trees. Remove crossing branches and branches that grow back towards the centre of the tree.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is an important part of tree service. It is done to remove dangerous, decayed, and undesired trees.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding will grind stumps and roots 4 to 6 inches below the ground.

Tree Trimming/Pruning

CLEANING – This type of maintenance pruning can be done at any time of the year and it involves the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, low vigor branches, and excessive water sprouts from the tree’s canopy. This benefits the tree and makes a safer environment for people and property in the vicinity.

THINNING – This type of pruning is a little more subjective. It involves the selective removal of branches from the canopy to reduce its density in order to improve light and air penetration. This can help to reduce storm damage and certain pathogens due to the increased air flow.

RAISING – This type of pruning removes the lowest branches to improve clearance for pedestrians, structures, and vehicles, or in certain cases, to improve a view.

REDUCING – This type of pruning can reduce the height of a tree, and/or the spread. It is very important to note the difference between proper reduction pruning and the improper practice of topping. It is unrealistic to attempt to dramatically reduce the overall size of a large tree and expect positive long-term results. Please contact me to discuss the limitations of reducing and the hazards of topping cuts.

Tree Removal

Special precautions are taken when removing trees, especially near homes.

If the tree is dead/dying or damaged beyond repair, if the wrong species is in the wrong spot, or to make way for construction or improvements, removal may be the reality. As mentioned before, I have certain advantages as well as some limitations as a climber in comparison to an aerial device. The primary advantages are greater accessibility and an immensely lighter footprint. Remember, trees are a renewable resource—we should plant a few new ones for any that must be removed.

Stump Grinding

  • No hole to fill with new topsoil
  • No root to haul away
  • Easy to re-landscape

Tree stump removal is a process where the stump is removed either using hand tools or mechanical machinery such as a stump grinder to grind out the tree stump.

Our up to date equipment allows the grinding and removal of tree stumps with the minimum of ground disturbance. We tackle any size of stump, from just a few inches up to the largest stump imaginable. Where access is a problem, we have smaller machines to deal with this. We grind the tree stumps and surface roots to well below ground level which allows replanting or ground preparation for just about any purpose.

After the stump is removed, we will fill the resulting hole with the stump grind chippings. We can also take away the stump grind chippings and replace it with a composition of your choosing.

Benefits of the Various Services Offered by Texas Tree Pros

The pruning tree service is ideal for people who already have flourished and fully-grown trees in their backyards. This coupled with the tree trimming service will help you increase the aesthetic appeal of the tree. We make sure that no tree branches fall into your backyard or your neighbour's yard.

The tree removal service gets rid of the entire tree as well as the roots so that you can start fresh construction on the spot. Getting rid of the roots is very useful and critical to the overall structure of soil in Dallas. If you have impending roots in the soil, your construction site in Dallas is prone to landslides and damage at the core.

The stumping tree service is helpful for people who have trees very close to a core man-made construction site. The stumping will prevent infiltration of strong roots into the concrete. Redirection of these roots is not possible at an underground level, so we use high-tech machines to stump these roots directly. The art behind this tree service is to stump the roots in just the right amount so that they do not weaken the overall grip of the tree in loose soil.

Our exceptional tree service in Dallas takes care of different types of needs all the way from pruning to complete tree removal. We have provided the tree removal services to several homes in Dallas to help them increase their living space without actually purchasing a new piece of land.

We can help you take care of the dead or dying trees with the tree removal in Dallas so that you can enjoy the open living space in your backyard. Our experts help you decide between the tree removal and tree trimming services by judging the quality of tree. These experts can assess the branches and trunk to calculate the chances of rejuvenation for the tree.

Cleanliness is the core principle that guides our process of tree removal in Dallas. Apart from this, we provide extremely clean tree trimming service to take care of the broken branches and trunks. Our experts make sure that there are no splinters or other harmful elements left after comprehensive tree trimming in Dallas.

So, if you want to avail the best tree services in Dallas, get in touch with our team today.